Cedar Mountain Meander (Nov. 4, 2012)

Today had us out strolling Cedar Mountain in Newington, Ct.  This little parcel of land has been in the news lately because Toll Brothers want to develop it and make it a housing development.  We decided to get out there before we lose this little gem.

We parked behind the Newington Humane Society and started our stroll. We crossed through a pet cemetery and over a bridge.

Crossing the bridge

We then just meandered about, as the trails weren’t blazed, but you could see paths leading all over.

typical path

We followed a path to the summit of Cedar Mountain for views out. We could see the Hanging Hills of Meriden, the Heublein Tower and Rattlesnake Cliffs.

We then doubled back to get to the open area.


Along the way nature provided us with bits of beauty.



We just wandered the woods behind the Humane Society for about 3 miles.  We plan to return when we have enough snow to snowshoe.  This is a great little woodsy stroll.  Check it out before development takes over.