Mini Hike Day – June 24, 2014

On our last trip to the White Mountains in May, we stopped by the Mountain Wanderer Book Store and picked up Steve’s book Ponds and Lakes of the White Mountains, which inspired today’s mini… Continue reading

Zeacliff – June 23, 2014

We have a bonus day in the Whites, where to go, what to see? We’ve been itching to see the views from Zeacliff (and itch we will on top of Zeacliff)for a while… Continue reading

Slide Brook Trail Take 2 – April 18, 2014

  We attempted this hike last June (see report), but the swarms of mosquitos turned us back shortly after we hit the Presidential Rail trail.  We thought a nice April hike would be… Continue reading

Gadwah Notch Trail June 21, 2014

  One of our favorite places in the North Woods is the Nash Stream Forest.  One of our favorite trails systems meanders here, the Cohos Trail.  We love the long unpaved road to… Continue reading

Sawyer Pond – June 20, 2014

I may or may not have broken my little toe last week, so that means a no peak hike.  I could finally putting on hiking shoes two days ago and downs are painful,… Continue reading

Boulder Loop

  We came to the mountains this weekend prepared for fall hiking, not winter hiking.  We expected to see snow on Mt. Washington, but not the other peaks.  As we drove around the… Continue reading

What’s the Sense of Hiking – East Side Trail(Cohos Trail) October 12

Right after we left the Nash bog, Mike turns to me and says ,”What’s the sense of hiking?”. My heart sank, I thought, oh no he is trying to tell me he doesn’t… Continue reading

Mt. Monroe – Sept. 28, 2013

After the typical early morning debate of where to hike, we finally settled on visiting Mt. Monroe.  Mike attempted this once before, but he didn’t summit.  Today seemed to be the perfect day… Continue reading

A year later on the trail – Bald Knob, NH (Sept. 21, 2013)

A year ago, we hiked Mount Willard and I passed out on the top.  Walked off this little bit of a mountain and promptly drove to the e.r.  Seems my arrhythmia was out… Continue reading

Wiliwilinui Trail(Oahu), or We aren’t hiking in the whites are we?

Hikergal and hubby are hiking in Oahu for a bit.  Needed a little change of pace from the hills of Connecticut and the mountains of New Hampshire.  Hiking here is different and yet… Continue reading